OCTOBER 13-15, 2020

The ultimate technology skills conference is evolving

Join us for a free, virtual event to learn how to unlock the full power of technology, connect with your peers and get inspired to think further outside the box than ever before.


By far the best
tech conference I
have ever been to.

- Sagar, A 2019 Attendee

LIVE is your chance to broaden your belief in what’s possible with technology.

Join a community of leaders and creators coming together to explore the future of technology, learn from one another and challenge the status quo. At LIVE, you’ll get real-world advice from innovators and industry leaders, plus practical strategies you can use immediately to build tech skills effectively. 

And we promise, you’ll have a lot of fun while you’re at it. 

LIVE is your chance to broaden your belief in what’s possible with technology and see things differently.
Why Attend

Fluff is for stuffed animals.
LIVE is for technologists.

At our virtual LIVE event, you won't get a sales pitch or empty sessions that waste your time. You'll get actionable content that will drive change for your business.


Don’t expect a virtual event where people talk at you. This conference is about equipping technologists like you with the knowledge you need to think (and do!) bigger.


We’re not shilling for a specific technology or vendor. You’ll hear from experts from across the tech landscape.


You won’t get shallow observations by people who are disconnected from the day-to-day. You’ll get real world advice from people on the frontlines, so you can put what you learn into practice right away.
Live Speakers


Simone Giertz

She made Tesla pickup trucks cool before Tesla did. Simone is a self-proclaimed non-engineer with major street cred. Watch her make the Truckla and more on her YouTube channel before she blows your mind at LIVE. 

Lucy Adams

A lot of people complain about HR, but Lucy decided to turn her frustration into action. As the CEO of Disruptive HR, she advocates for innovation and impact-focused HR practices—helping to create irresistible places to work.

Paul Daugherty

It's hard to know where to begin when trying to convey what an influential leader Paul Daugherty is. He has numerous impressive awards and accolades under his belt, including the FASPE Award for Ethical Leadership in 2019, and it's hard not to see why. He's a bottomless well of innovation, intelligence and experience, and a passionate advocate for gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Social Impact

building a better

tech community together

Thrive at Live

“This was one of the most diverse tech conferences I’ve been to. I walked away as a minority woman in tech feeling like I really do belong.”

- maliana, a 2019 attendee
get involved in real change

Hear from nonprofits like:

- Malala Fund
- YearUp
- Norwegian Refugee Council

“I have never spoken at a conference with 50/50 gender equity. It feels so good to show up in this way, where there is space. It helps women see that they can be the person at the front of the room.”

- Breeanne, a 2019 Speaker
The Schedule


  • a day dedicated to celebrating technologists and their skills

  • Interactive content including Google Cloud Hero and AWS DeepRacer

  • Technical talks from keynotes to expert panels

  • Keynotes and engaging conversations with notable personalities, innovative tech leaders and Pluralsight executives
  • Breakout sessions with your next favorite speaker--and the chance to chat with them live
  • Unconventional, fun opportunities to connect with leaders in technology, HR and learning & development

  • Another day of practical inspiration and ideas with keynotes, fireside chats and a few surprises
  • More breakout sessions and live chat with featured speakers
  • Join small group discussions, interactive workshops—or create your own meetup

day 2
thank you to our sponsors

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